Billie Eilish Tracks Back to Her Childhood Playlist

In Billie Eilish’s recent edition of the “me & dad radio”, she picked out all her favourite tunes from her childhood, before proceeding to gush over one artist in particular: Childish Gambino.  

“This is our Finneas episode — full of childhood bops, some inspirational songs me and Finneas have loved over the years, some songs we’ve shown each other, songs that we’ve been inspired by,” Billie explained. 

She went on to give us a taste of her playlist and it brought back a gigantic wave of nostalgia. The young star played out Green Day’s ’21 Guns,’ Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River,’ The Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Boom Boom Pow’ and more. We can firmly say that these very tunes find a safe place in our hearts too. 

Billie Eilish Sings Praises About Gambino’s ‘Bonfire’

Billie then went onto detail Donald Glover’s impact on her as an artist by picking up one of his older numbers, ‘Bonfire’ from the 2011 album ‘Camp’.

“This is from the album I think both me and Finneas found Donald Glover through. Incredible album. The first song I heard ever from him, and was actually I think the first song I heard that was like rap, was ‘Heartbeat‘ from this album,” she confessed. “From then on, everybody knows that Donald Glover is like… one of my all-time favorite creators. He’s exactly everything that I idolize about a creator. He’s every single element of what I think is amazing.”

Her father, Patrick O’Connell, also pointed out that Billie draws a lot of influence from the rap star. With a hand in every corner of the entertainment industry, it’s safe to say that Donald Glover is quite a multi-faceted star, one that Billie really looks up to. 

Eilish gushed about ‘Bonfire’ a tad bit longer, picking out her favourite lyrics and discussing its unique production elements. 

Layered with steady beats and haunting background vocals, Gambino’s verses flow into one another, with no precise chorus. Each weighty line arrives like a stab, demanding your full attention. Or as Billie put it, 

“I love that it’s three minutes long because you just rap the whole thing along, like I rap it along, and then it’s done. It’s like the whole thing, and boom.” For more gems from their latest episode, you can always listen in-

By: Nina Karun