Billie Is Back

Breakout singer and alt-pop megastar Billie Eilish just broke her silence on new music, and fans are collectively losing their minds. The singer took to Twitter to announce the release of her latest single “Everything I Wanted”, due on the 13th of November. The teenage dream recently teased the arrival of new music, making sure fans were already on high alert. So, it comes as no surprise that the Tweet confirming only the title and release date completely took over the headlines earlier today.

Eilish, who has been a familiar face in the music scene for a while now, saw meteoric success with her album “Where Do We Go When We Sleep at Night” featuring chart-topping singles like “bad guy”, “wish you were gay” and “all the good girls go to hell”. The album was received well by both critics and the masses, a hard balance to strike, especially at the young age of 18. All the talk from her previous work is yet to die down, considering how it took the industry by storm, and with the release of new music, the singer’s only going to climb higher up the charts.

All the good girls go to hell, but Billie’s got rules of her own and is on her way to the top!