Billie left “No Time to Die”

18 year old singer, Billie Ellish killed it at the BRIT Awards which took place in London a few hours ago. She may be one of the biggest stars in music right now, but at such a young age, she still carries herself with the confidence of a queen – one dripping in Burberry!

Eilish, who is the youngest performer to have written and performed a Bond OST, surprised fans by performing the new song – ‘No Time To Die’ at the award show. She was accompanied on stage by her brother, Finneas, on the piano. And while fans kept screaming her name, cheering her on, the 18 year old kept her calm, delivering an exceptional performance.

Billie has been on a roll for a while now, recently sweeping the 2020 Grammys with 5 golden gramophones to her name. Adding to the list is the BRIT she won for International Female Solo Artist. Accepting the prestigious award, she seemed thrilled and overwhelmed, starting her speech by thanking her fellow nominees Lizzo, Arianna, Camilla and Lana, cutely fumbling along the way saying “Lizzo” instead of London. She went on to thank her family and team, as well.

The singer also took the moment to elaborate on some hate she’s been receiving from trolls, lately – “I stopped reading comments fully. It was ruining my life … The cooler the things you get to do are, the more people hate you. It’s crazy.”

While she emotionally accepted the award she said “I’ve felt very hated recently, and when I was on the stage, and I saw you guys all smiling at me, it genuinely made me wanna cry,” she said. “And I wanna cry right now.”

Well, if trolls are just going to troll, you might as well just be you too, Billie!