Blackbear Takes A Romantic Road Trip in ‘Smile Again’

The up and coming star, blackbear, recently surprised fans with a brand new offering. It arrived in the form of a new visualizer for his track, ‘Smile Again’. This number finds a space on his 2020 album, ‘Everything Means Nothing’. 

But before diving into the music video, we’re first going to touch upon the soundscape of this tune. ‘Smile Again’ is lined with a gentle, mellow guitar riff, while Blackbear’s pretty falsettos and gooey melodies bloom through the rest of the track. Interestingly, with this tune, we see the young star take a firm step away from his usual style, by opting for a slower melody.

The songwriting certainly shines through with this track. Blackbear navigates through the anxieties that come with a relationship as he sings, 

Where is the time going again?

I lost a home, I lost a friend
Love’s an ocean, whether you sink or swim
I gave you my best, was it enough?
Maybe the past is holding me up
I keep the memories with me, replay what was
So long, baby
Did you know, you saved me?

Now, to dip into the visualizer for the track, it features blackbear and his girlfriend, Michele Maturo.The syrupy-sweet couple are seen taking long romantic drives, fixing bike tyres and feeding each other bites of a burrito. Interspersed with these coo-worthy clips are those of blackbear sitting on a bed, strumming his guitar and singing. 

And so, blackbear proves once again that you can’t pin him under one genre of music and that’s simply what makes him one of the fastest risers in the industry. 

By: Nina Karun