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BLACKPINK Drop Fresh Teasers; Reveal New Single

As BLACKPINK gear up to make their descent with “The Album”, they’ve also been offering fans a string of cryptic teasers to lap up. As if that wasn’t enough to have Blinks spiralling, the girls also unveiled the title of their lead track. 

BLACKPINK took to social media to reveal the name of their title track, which is, ‘Lovesick Girls’. They broke the news with the cover art for the track. It features all four members, resting their heads on each other’s shoulders, under pale lighting. The sleek pink text above the image reveals the track’s title and album release date. 

The girls also dropped individual concept teasers over the weekend. Each brief clip features the members walking through a dark basement, under ominous green lighting. We see flashes of rainbow smoke before the screen goes black. These teasers also feature a brief instrumental piece, but no other details on the soundscape of the track.

And yet, BLACKPINK did give us a solid taste of “The Album” through tunes like, ‘How You Like That‘ and ‘Ice Cream’ featuring Selena Gomez. While the former was fueled by fiery raps and a strong set of electronic beats, the latter proved to be a simple, lighthearted pop banger. Perhaps the fact that both songs are starkly different from each other adds an element of mystery to their forthcoming album. 

The girls are also set to hold a ‘Comeback Live’ event on October 1st on VLive, just a day before “The Album” makes its landing. 

By: Nina Karun

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