BLACKPINK Rake In New Victories with ‘The Album’

On October 2nd, BLACKPINK made their explosive landing with their highly anticipated debut studio album. “BLACKPINK: The Album” nurses a good eight tracks, including two starry collaborations from Selena Gomez and Cardi B. On the same day, the girls also arrived with the music video for their lead single, ‘Lovesick Girls’. It’s been just two days since the album release and BLACKPINK have already witnessed a number of victories. But, are we really that surprised?

Their agency, YG Entertainment, revealed the album debuted within the top 25 on Spotify’s daily Global Top 50. ‘Lovesick Girls’ occupied the No. 3 rank, following closely behind, their Cardi B feature ‘Bet You Wanna’ sat pretty at No. 4 on the Global Top 50 chart. While many of the other tracks on the album also debuted within the top 10.

Further, “BLACKPINK: The Album” also made it to the summit on iTunes charts in many countries across the globe. According to YG Entertainment, “THE ALBUM” claimed the throne at No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums charts in at least 57 different regions, including emerging markets like Sweden, Poland, Norway, Macau and more. 

To add to that, the music video for “Lovesick Girls” surpassed 50 million views on YouTube in less than 18 hours, which is a mind-boggling feat. Speaking of the process that went behind crafting this album, Rose explained, “We keep each other grounded.”

“We are all workaholics in our deep self and we love to work,” she continued. “I don’t think we get overwhelmed by the fame, at least not yet. We try to not let it go to our heads. We try to talk to each other, we don’t keep it to ourselves which helps a lot … we just look around and we have somebody just like me, thinking about the same stuff, telling me what I was thinking in my head.”

Coming to the takeaway from, “BLACKPINK: The Album,” Rose concluded, “We hope that our fans can see that and we have some very vulnerable songs and fun songs and some of our dream collaborations.”

By: Nina Karun