BLACKPINK Released a Music Video For Their Lead Song, ‘Shut Down’

BLACKPINK have made available the music video for the lead track, ‘Shut Down’ from their recently released sophomore album, ‘Born Pink.’

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BLACKPINK confidently recounts their accomplishments as a musical act in the new video, which is set in a sleek white garage and a city after hours. There are also references to previous music videos by the girl group, including ‘Boombayah,’ ‘Whistle’ and ‘Kill This Love.’ Along with strong lyricism, ‘Shut Down’ also has excerpts from Niccol Paganini’s violin solo, ‘La campanella,’ which was composed in Italy.

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Two years after the group’s debut studio album, ‘The Album,’ was released, the music video for ‘Shut Down’ was released alongside the debut of ‘Born Pink. The album’s title implies the identity of the group, which is never ordinary and will emanate a lethal aura, according to YG Entertainment.

Check out the music video below:

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Members, Rosé and Jisoo of BLACKPINK have composition credit for the song ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’ on the group’s sophomore album. Notably, this is Jisoo’s second songwriting credit; the first was for the 2020 song ‘Lovesick Girls,’ which she shared writing credit with Jennie.