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BLACKPINK Teases “The Album” With New Visuals

BLACKPINK treats fans to new teasers

As K-Pop mega group, BLACKPINK, inch closer and closer to the release of their debut studio album, fans are treated to a slew of new visuals. “The Album”, which marks the group’s first ever full length studio alum, is slated for release on the 2nd of October. And, following closely after is a Netflix documentary based on the girls – ‘Light Up the Sky’. So, suffice it to say that the girls’ fandom, Blinks, are in for quite the comeback.

Blinks Get a Treat of Teasers

Late last night, BLACKPINK’s official social media accounts lit up with individual teasers of Jisoo and Jennie, leading up to the release. Further, of the four posters released, each member had two sets, showing off two different aesthetics.

The first being the signature intensity characteristic of the BLACKPINK aesthetic. And, the second, marking a softer, glow-y theme.

Further, the series was kicked off with a group teaser that didn’t reveal much except for the name of the album, the release date and the release time. In addition, fans can expect teasers of the other two members – Lisa and Rose.

BLACKPINK’s on a Train to Success

Further, apart from all the buzz of an impending release, the group has been busy climbing charts world over with their new single, ‘Ice Cream’. The track, which features pop star, Selena Gomez, has made its way to the Billboard Global 200 charts.

In addition, the song peaked at No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100, marking their first ever Top 20 ranking on the chart. Further, the score makes them the highest charting Korean girl group in history.

So, with a remarkable amount fan fare, global attention like never before and a highly anticipated release under their belt, BLACKPINK are ready to soar.

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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