BLACKPINK’s Jennie Claims That Working on ‘The Idol’ Was a Challenge, Says it Was Like “Breaking a Wall”

Jennie from BLACKPINK is getting ready to make her small-screen debut with the upcoming series ‘The Idol’. Despite selling out stadiums with her bandmates, Jennie admitted in a recent interview that she is nervous about making her television debut. Lily-Rose Depp, who plays Jocelyn opposite Tedros, played a big part in helping Jennie feel at ease with the part.

Image Courtesy: Times of India

“It definitely was a challenge, because I’ve never experienced anything like that before. It was like, breaking a wall for me,” she said. “She really helped me a lot. Telling me about scenes, and it was very comforting to have her there. She just taught me to express myself and be comfortable with myself, to not be scared.”

Although some viewers expressed concern over the show’s controversial themes, Jennie insisted that she “trusted [the show’s director] Sam [Levinson] to be collaborative with all the scenes that we would be working on together, because it was about the industry.”

Image Courtesy: Billboard

“The fact that it was about the music industry fascinated me, and I thought I could bring something to the role,” she continued. “It was an opportunity to just be myself and be brave. I didn’t really train for it, or prep anything. Sam wanted me to just be myself.”

– Riya Sohini