Bon Jovi’s New Album Is “Limitless”

Rock veterans Bon Jovi have announced the release of a brand new single titled “Limitless”.

The announcement was made via Facebook, with a challenge preceding the release of the song. Turns out, Bon Jovi’s hopping on the bandwagon of online trends, sending their fans on a chase to find out more about the song.

The challenge, running with the hashtag #SingBonJoviContest, will provide participating fans with the lyrics of the new upcoming track. But, that’s all that fans will receive, then being challenged to sing the lines in a way that they think they should be sung.

The attempt may be an interesting one, but says little for how well it will do, considering the creativity, talent and sheer amount of time participants will have to put into the challenge.

“Limitless” will mark the band’s first release in nearly four years since the release of “This House Is Not For Sale” in 2016. No date has yet been announced with regards to the song, so we’ll just have to wait until our Facebook notifications start dinging!