Brad Pitt’s F1 Film “Forced to Scrap” Costly Footage

In the fast-paced world of Formula One, even a Hollywood star like Brad Pitt can’t escape the unexpected twists and turns. Pitt’s much-anticipated F1 movie, ‘Apex,’ directed by Joseph Kosinski of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ fame, has hit a speed bump, putting the brakes on its progress.

The setback comes after hours of valuable footage, estimated to be worth tens of millions, had to be scrapped. ‘The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’ actor has dedicated the past year to shooting this adrenaline-fuelled film, portraying a retired racing driver who makes a dramatic comeback to mentor a rising star.

Image Courtesy: People

The trouble began when changes were enforced following a protest by the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) union. This unexpected turn of events led to the re-evaluation of some crucial scenes, derailing the project temporarily.

One pivotal moment in the film’s production occurred in July when Pitt, alongside co-stars Damson Idris and Javier Bardem, joined forces with Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton at the British Grand Prix held at the iconic Silverstone racecourse. The crew seized the opportunity to capture authentic racing scenes, featuring the actors on the track alongside the high-speed drama of real Formula One races and the electrifying energy of the Silverstone crowd.

Image Courtesy: IMDb

However, what seemed like a cost-saving strategy, utilizing the Grand Prix setting to avoid the need for artificial racing scenes, ultimately added complications to the project. The recent turn of events, particularly the alterations in sponsorship deals, rendered a substantial portion of the previously filmed footage unusable.

Despite these setbacks, there’s a silver lining on the horizon. According to reports, the production team, led by Pitt, co-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and Hamilton, remains committed to the project. Plans are in place to resume filming at Grand Prix events in 2024, ensuring the inclusion of genuine racing sequences featuring Brad and Damson behind the wheel of actual cars.

Image Courtesy: Robb Reports

In a brief comment after navigating the Silverstone track, Pitt expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “It’s great to be here. I’m having such a laugh, the time of my life.” The actor hinted at the unique cinematic experience the audience can expect, with cameras mounted all over the cars providing an unprecedented glimpse into the speed and G-forces of Formula One racing.

As the gears shift and the production adapts to unforeseen challenges, neither Brad Pitt nor Apple Studios, the movie’s production company, has released an official statement. Still, the resilience of the team and their commitment to delivering an authentic F1 experience on the big screen suggest that ‘Apex’ will ultimately overcome its current hurdles. 

-Britney Jones