Britney Spears And Has Dropped a New Club Banger, ‘Mind Your Business’

Britney Spears and just dropped a wicked collab, a clubby new banger titled ‘Mind Your Business.’ This track is straight fire, blending Britney’s iconic vocals with’s sick beats.

This track is the perfect follow-up to their 2012 chart-topping hit, ‘Scream & Shout.’  Spears serves up fierce vocals over clubby synths, and when that electronic beat kicks in, you know it’s about to go off!  According to the press release, their unmatched attitude and energy take this song to a whole new level.

Image Courtesy: Music Mundial

You won’t be able to resist the hook and the infectious energy of ‘Mind Your Business’—this track is claiming its throne as the ultimate anthem of 2023!

Listen to the track ‘Mind Your Business’ below

During a recent interview, explained: “I’ve been a fan, friend and supporter of Britney throughout the years. Supporter as far as a person that goes out and listens to her music, a support as far as somebody that’s there to help champion her through her times when she was fighting for her liberation. She is an amazing person.”

Britney Spears and go way back! He not only featured on her track ‘It Should Be Easy’ from her eighth studio album ‘Britney Jean’ (2013) but also co-produced that banger and several other cuts on the record. They’ve got that unstoppable chemistry, for real!

Image Courtesy: Planet Radio

‘Mind Your Business’ serves as a prelude to’s upcoming fifth solo album, following on from the Lil Wayne-featuring ‘The Formula’.

Last year, Britney teamed up with none other than the legendary Elton John on the reimagined version of his classic hit ‘Tiny Dancer’ titled ‘Hold Me Closer.’ Can you say ICONIC?

Image Courtesy: Billboard

And, y’all, brace yourselves for some major tea! Britney’s been through a lot, with her 13-year conservatorship finally coming to an end in late 2021, thanks to the powerful #FreeBritney movement. Now, she’s back in action with a fresh outlook and her first new release in years.

Image Courtesy: Billboard

But that’s not all—Britney’s got even bigger news! Her long-awaited memoir, ‘The Woman in Me,’ is on the horizon, and she’s taking control of her narrative, sharing her story on her own terms. It’s gonna be a must-read, no doubt!  Are you ready for all the amazing things Britney has in store? Because we sure are! Let’s keep supporting our queen and her journey to greatness!