Britney Spears Finally Speaks Up Against her Father.

Britney Spears is finally having her voice heard. On Wednesday, June 23 the superstar spoke up and expressed her feelings personally to a Los Angeles county superior court judge, Brenda Penny. According to a reporter who was inside the courtroom with Britney and the judge the singer wants her conservatorship to end. 

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“I want to end the conservatorship without being evaluated,” she said. “In the meantime, I want this therapist to come to my home…I’m not willing to go to Westlake and be embarrassed by all these paparazzi.”

Britney was placed on a conservatorship in 2008 with her father being appointed co-conservator along with Andrew M. Wallet. Andrew resigned from the position in 2019 and Bessemer Trust Co. took his position as co-conservator along with her father Jammie Spears. 

In the court hearing on Wednesday, Britney alleged that she has been subjected to a number of psych evaluations, medications and that she has been traumatized by her father through his means of control. She explained to the court that she did not speak of this earlier publicly because she was afraid nobody would believe her. After she spoke an attorney shared a statement on behalf of Mr. Spears. 

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Britney expressed a number of concerns about her rights in the hearing. The 39-year-old mother of two said that she was not aware that she could request to end the conservatorship. Britney also said that due to the conservatorship she was unable to do the things she really wanted like getting married and having a baby. She also said that she would like for her boyfriend to be able to drive her in his car. During the pandemic she claimed that she was not allowed to practice self-care, while her maids had colourful nails and her mother was able to go to a spa in Louisiana, she was not able to do any of these things. Britney told the judge that she is just one of the thousands who are victims of “abusive” conservatorship. 

“I feel bullied, and I feel left out and alone. I’m tired of feeling alone.”, she told the judge. 

Jammie’s attorney recently shared a statement that expressed what her client wishes for his daughter and admits that he was not the perfect dad, but he believes that everything he did he did in the best interest of his daughter.