Britney Spears Seeks Freedom From Her Father

Britney Spears seeks to break free

The Britney-James Spears conservatorship saga has taken the spotlight only recently. But, the tryst between the father-daughter pair has been a long standing cause of worry for fans. James Spears (Britney’s father), has held conservatorship over the pop star for 11 years now. And, this state of affairs has given him tight control over much of the singer’s life and career. 

And, now, there has been a rare show of events from Britney’s side. Court documents have revealed the singer’s intention to pursue serious legal action against the conservatorship. Further, the new information reveals that Britney seeks to appoint a new coservator, cutting ties with James Spears and restricting his hold over her life. 

The Britney-James Spears Saga

The #FreeBritney movement began as a social media call for help and charged media interest into the whole issue. And, as the weeks passed, observers picked up on various pieces of information that led to the belief that Britney was being seriously harassed. A closer look at the situation also revealed the extent to which James Spears exercised his control over the singer. 

James Spears’ role as conservator over Britney allows him free reign over the 38 year old’s life. This includes: finances, career, personal life and even her relationship with her sons. So, these new court documents come as a breath of relief to many fans.

Britney Makes a Choice

According to reports, it has been stated that “Britney is strongly opposed to James return as conservator of her person.” In addition, it has been revealed that the sole conservatorship on part of her father is something Spears’ would like to avoid entirely. 

In addition, the court document revealed that Britney would like to appoint her current conservator, Jodi Montgomery, in a more permanent capacity. And, while she is inclined to continue a conservatorship under someone, she is also making permanent changes to the situation. It has been revealed that she would like to keep her right to nullify the agreement, if and when she feels it is appropriate. 

Britney has never spoke of the matter openly. But, considering the new developments in the situation, the singer may deliver a comment. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan