Britney Spears Unheard Song ‘Mood Ring’ Released, Listen

britney spears mood ring

Britney Spears is possibly as bored as us in this lockdown. First we saw her dancing to her ex-beau, Justin Timberlake’s songs and tagging him too! She knew we needed some fresh storm to get started so we were out here speculating if she indeed was over Justin.

Then she had us recounting all the times Britney was the true queen of scathe and scandal.

Now she is keeping us busy and coming back for more with previously unreleased music!

Her 2016 album, ‘Glory’ had a bonus track that was only released in Japan. (Why though, seriously?)

But today Britney Spears has released it worldwide to satiate her fans. The song is called ‘Mood Ring’, and goes something like, “My love is a mood ring, Up and down emotions, all these mood swings, you know how to read the touch of my skin, Nothing on my body but this mood ring, You change me.”

A video on Instagram announced the arrival of the song worldwide, calling it “repurposed”.

Listen here.

Along with all the music Britney has also been giving us some sage advice. This also comes in the “repurposed” fashion where she appropriated the lyric to her song ‘…Baby One More Time’ from “My loneliness is killing me” to be scratched out and read “My loneliness is saving me.” Clever and timely message coming from Britney Spears and all because boredom? Well in that case we can definitely afford more of it.