BROCKHAMPTON Out With Two New Songs, We Dive In


The ‘BOY BYE’ killers are back with two new songs! The boy band BROCKHAMPTON who have been known for creating beats with bass Easter Eggs have released a total of four songs in two weeks. We take a dive into the fresh offerings.

The first song is M.O.B or ‘Money Over Bitches’ was released by the 13 member boy band from Texas. It has a beat that draws in with, “I wanna be more like a child they question everything.” The honest lyrics are riveting for the first verse and could be a reference to BROCKHAMPTON’s earlier album ‘Question Everything’.

Towards the end BROCKHAMPTON is in a completely different riff and are heard rapping, “Push start, baby, like she drive a Benz truck (Woo) / You ain’t got no money, she don’t wanna link up (Grr).” Stressing on the money over females agenda. Further they add, “And if he fuck up, it’s one call to the mob (Grr) / Pull up ’round the corner and we make the block hot.” The song is in the lane of their usual stylings of “linking up” the lifestyle that involves money and the mob.

The second song BROCKHAMPTON is out with is called ‘twisted’ and it features Ryan Beatty and Christian Alexander.

The band raps, “Nobody sees it like we do / Nobody knows what we’ve been through / It’s been a hell of a year, but I know you got me and I got you / Now look at the love, look at the love” If anything this song can really be seen as an image cleanse. Claiming their solidarity with each other and their fans.

Earlier BROCKHAMTON had released two other tracks — ‘N.S.T.’ and ‘things can’t stay the same’.

By: Nupur Saraswat