BSB Just Knocked us Out Cold With Nostalgia

FOX and iHeartRadio brought together the cast of Backstreet Boys for a home concert via video conferencing. It is quite a feat to bring the largest boy band in history together like that in times of crisis. 

Brian Littrell, the lead, began by saying, “We want to do something a little different for you, a little special, bringing our living room to yours. This is is the living room in my studio at my house. I’m going to be joined by my bandmates in just a second.”

“We live in unprecedented times today with the COVID-19 virus. I want to thank iHeart for putting this together. I want to thank Fox for airing it. I want to thank all the frontline responders that are donating their times and putting themselves in harms way to take care of their fellow citizens,” the band continued through the course of the music swaying. “So, stay safe, stay home, and protect yourselves.”

No prizes for guessing that ‘I Want It That Way’ was played with much enthusiasm with AJ McLean.