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BTS Almost Missed Out on Appearing at The Grammys in 2022

BTS almost didn’t perform at the Grammys 2022, according to the executive producers and producers of the event. Grammys executive producers and showrunners Ben Winston and Raj Kapoor discussed several behind-the-scenes secrets of this year’s ceremony in the latest episode of Rolling Stone’s Rolling Stone Music Now podcast.

Image Courtesy – Rolling Stones

Behind-the-scenes drama included K-pop group BTS almost being unable to perform owing to positive COVID-19 testing from some members. They also mentioned how the boyband didn’t get a chance to practice with all seven members until the day before the ceremony.

 “There were times when we were worried they weren’t gonna be able to be here,” Winston revealed. “J-Hope had COVID and was quarantined. And he wasn’t allowed to fly until Saturday, the day before the show. Jungkook was in Vegas with COVID, but then unless he got two negative tests, he wasn’t allowed to come” he added. Winston then described the entire ordeal as a “tense” situation, adding that the crew were “very nervous” about the outcome of BTS’ performance at the awards show. “I was actually so excited by that one, not because it was better than anyone else’s, but simply because I knew what those seven guys had been through to get it to that level,” he added.

Image courtesy -Koreaboo

“I do think those guys are unbelievably talented.  I am sort of in awe of what they do each time,” Winston concluded. 

At the awards on 3rd April, the group played a cover of their English hit single ‘Butter,’ which was released in 2021. They played covert spies in the performance, which included a skit with Olivia Rodrigo, the singer of “good 4 u.” They were nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for the same song, but Doja Cat and SZA’s collaboration ‘Kiss Me More’ beat them out.

— Aditi Manjunath

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