BTS Announce 4th Film, ‘Break The Silence: The Movie’

BTS gear up to release new film

The BTS ARMY are spoiled for choice, as updates of upcoming projects keep coming in. According to an announcement made by BigHit labels, fans can now expect a tour film featuring the boys in the near future. This film will act as a long format documentary-style follow up to their previous docu-series, ‘Break the Silence’. Further, this release will mark their 4th full-length film as a group. 

The news broke earlier today when BTS’ official social media reflected posts that featured announcements about the upcoming release. While there is no mention of a release date as yet, the film will be titled ‘Break The Silence: The Movie’. And, if this wasn’t enough to get fans buzzing with energy, a teaser poster also revealed that this film will be “the untold story of BTS”. 

The content of the film will follow in the same vein as the group’s previous film ventures. It will follow the boys on their ‘Speak Yourself Tour’, much like the docuseries of the same name. The docuseries captured the boys in moments of new realisations, navigating uncharted territory. In addition, it shined a light on some of their more vulnerable moments both on camera and off. 

There have been no trailers or further updates since the announcement this morning. But, as has been observed in the past, BTS never shy away from vulnerability on the screen. And, with the tone set, there’s anticipation of what revelations lie ahead. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan