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BTS are Equal To The Beatles

BTS’s “Map of the Soul:7” dropped on February 21st via BigHit Entertainment. They also released their music video for the title track making the album an instant hit.

The K-pop group went on to secure the connected No.1 spot on Billboard 200 for the fourth time. K-pop has succeeded in breaking boundaries with their music that is appreciated worldwide. South Korea has also been using their Pop Culture influence to draw attention to the culture and tradition of the east.

BTS is no stranger to breaking records , this week their album “Map of the Soul:7” just earned the biggest sales this week. They notched 422,000 units in its debut week which beat “The Beatles”, the last group to have four No.1’s. “The Beatles” took five year to commemorate their fourth No.1 in 1967.

According to The Billboard, BTS gathers high sales with no boosts from concert ticket offers or merch sales. Their tracklist includes Sia on their track “On” and Halsey ON “Boy with luv” , it also includes previously released tracks called “Interlude:Shadow”, “Black Swan”and “Outer Ego”.

“Map of the soul:7” reflects on seven years since BTS debuted as a seven member team . It focuses on all the shadows and lights they have embraced as a part of their journey as a group. “The intricately woven album and the expansion of BTS’ musical spectrum showcase the band’s development as artists” stated Big Entertainment in a press statement. We hope they soar higher in 2020!!

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