BTS Are Making Their Return To The Tonight Show with A Bang

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy for BTS. The boys earned their first No. 1 claim on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. And more recently, they even made their debut performance at NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert. Now, without giving ARMY a minute to catch their breath, the boys have already announced the next treat sitting on their schedule: a return to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Oh but here’s the kicker: this won’t be a simple one off appearance. The boy’s are gearing up for a week-long takeover of the show. Here’s what’s on the table: a whole load of riotous games, some starry performances and of course, a bit of chatting.

Each night is set to feature one special performance from the band. Their chart-topping hit, ‘Dynamite’ will definitely be on the platter, following which, they will possibly also treat fans to gems from their latest album, “Map of The Soul: 7”. 

Gushing about the band, Jimmy Fallon had this to say, “We love having BTS on the show. These guys are incredible, and you just know they’re going to go above and beyond to make their performance unforgettable. Last time we had them on we took over Grand Central Terminal, so we had our work cut out for us to top that. And what’s better than one night with BTS … a full week!”  

What Else Do BTS Have On Their Schedules?

In other news, BTS will also make an appearance at the United Nations General Assembly meeting. The boys are all set to deliver a speech, following their ongoing “Love Myself” campaign. Further, the band has also scored nominations in some of the biggest categories for the 2020 Billboard Music Awards. BTS are contenders in the Best Duo/Group and Top Social Artist categories.   

Well, their schedule is certainly brimming with an endless list of events. For starters, their takeover of the Tonight Show will kick off on September 30th all through till October 2nd, so stay tuned for more updates. 

By: Nina Karun