BTS ARMY Supports The Band Against Racism

If there is anyone, one needs to be scared of, then it is the ARMY, no, really. The fans of BTS are going up against a radio show host for his comments regarding the South Korean boy band. For this, fans have flooded the internet with hashtags that demand an apology to the band as well as their ban.

Is this too much? Well, the ARMY doesn’t think so? During a recent episode of a German-based radio station, the presenter, Matthias Mauschik made some racist comments regarding BTS which the fans are quite unhappy with.

What Did The Host Say?

Matthias Mauschi might have gone a bit too far by comparing BTS to the coronavirus and also dissing their unplugged performance of ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay. He also asked the boy band to go on a vacation to North Korea for 20 years, slyly wanting them to have a “not-so-great” trip, we think so.

One can clearly see the harshness behind the host’s comment. However, the ARMY picked up the issue instantly and created a deal out of it. Especially, on Twitter. Ever since then, #Bayern3Apologize, #Bayern3Racist, #RacismIsNotAnOption, #ApologiseToBTS, #WeLoveYouBangtan and #ARMYWillAlwaysBeWithYou has been trending.

Response From Bayern3 On Behalf Of The Host…

Well, if the ARMY is behind you, you better speak up! That’s exactly what Bayern3 did. The radio station released a statement that apologises for in a subtle manner and also defends Matthias. It claims that in the true sense, the host is not racist and is only expressing a personal opinion about BTS.

But, if one had to really judge BTS about their performance at MTV, they killed it! Just look at all of them doing justice to the track, how can one hate on this? They did such a great job on the song, that even, Coldplay was impressed by them.

Only time will tell if Matthias will apologise publicly to BTS or not, however, the ARMY has surely shaken the station up and even rose awareness for the rest of us.

By: Aatira Kakroo