BTS Bring The Spark to the VMAs Stage with ‘Dynamite’

The 2020 VMAs cleared the path for some extraordinary performers and among the many acts to claim the spotlight, BTS proved to be simply glowing. The star-studded band conquered the VMA stage without a hint of apprehension nor anxiety and for debut performers, that’s simply admirable. 

The boys took the stage to perform their latest all-English single, ‘Dynamite’. This syrupy-sweet disco-pop tune witnessed BTS step right out of their comfort zones. It saw them take on a song, which at its core, proved to be a lighthearted pop banger. The septet took a huge step away from their highly introspective lyrics and embraced a tune more reminiscent of Western pop treats from the late 2000s.

Now, coming to their performance, it was filmed in South Korea itself. We got to see BTS execute a flawless dance routine against the backdrop of a starry cityscape. It’s worth mentioning that the boys were also dressed to the nines. Donning dandy suits and colourful ties, the boys succeeded in holding everyone’s attention from the get-go.  Also, considering that this was their first live performance of ‘Dynamite’, the boys also got to show off their impressive range from soaring falsettos and to husky baritones. 

But apart from their jaw-dropping performance, the night still held an array of other surprises. Perhaps the biggest of them all was the fact that BTS took home an award in the Best Pop category with their fiery tune, ‘ON‘. Oh but here’s the kicker: the boys beat out some of the most seasoned Western acts out there like Taylor Swift, the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber and even Lady Gaga. 

‘ON’ also scored awards in the Best K-Pop and Best Choreography categories. And the boys took home the prize for the Best Group, too. 

Suffice it to say that BTS truly owned the night.

By: Nina Karun