BTS Donates $1 Million Dollars, and More: Catch Up

More news about the South Korean boy group, BTS, reaches us today. The group has extended their deal with Mattel 163 to an online version of the beloved card game – UNO. The group have already released a special edition for the physical card game, becoming a popular purchase among their fans. 

Mattel 163, a development studio under the umbrella brand Mattel, announced early yesterday that a special edition of the online card game in collaboration with BTS is now available for purchase. Featuring a brand new set of features, including collectibles, cards and tokens, tailored to fit the boy group and their ARMY, the special edition also sees a special appearance of the boys’ voices throughout the game. 

Shortly after the game became available on the Apple Store, in signature ARMY fashion, the store crashed with an overwhelming amount of traffic. 

Aside from news about the special version of the game, some touching news reached fans worldwide. According to media reports, BTS, along with their agency, BigHit Labels, donated a total of $1 million dollars to the ‘Crew Nation’ campaign. 

This donation marks one of the biggest artist donations towards ‘Crew Nation’. The campaign has been raising money to support live concert crews across the globe, who have been impacted by the global coronavirus pandemic. A statement by BTS x BigHit Labels read: “We are aware that a lot of communities need help due to COVID-19, and we wanted to support the music industry by making a donation.”

News of the donation has left BTS fans feeling prouder than ever. The group’s efforts have also been commended by industry experts. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan