BTS Festa 2020 Promises New Music


Not long after Suga from BTS dropped his mixtape, ‘D-2’, the boys showered us with news of their FESTA 2020 schedule. Now, just for some context, ‘BTS Festa’ is an event where the band celebrates their debut anniversary with their fans, ARMY. The celebrations include a ton of gorgeous photoshoots, a new song or two and a whole load of fun videos.

Before the boys dropped their schedule for this year, they took to Twitter to post a teaser. The brief clip is quite the visual treat as it takes fans through a dark door, before we’re immersed in a galaxy-like collision of colours, which slowly morph into floral patterns as the words ‘Festa 2020’ fade in. The band simply captioned this post, “The New Journey to #2020BTSFESTA”.

What BTS Has in Store for Festa 2020

Now, coming back to the schedule, the festivities begin with an opening ceremony on June 1st. What’s set to follow is a collection of photoshoots, two choreography videos and what appears to be, a new song. Amid the celebrations, BTS is also taking time off to attend Michelle Obama’s virtual graduation ceremony, Dear Class of 2020. There’s a high chance we’ll get to hear a commencement speech and see a performance from them, during this event.

And so, the festivities continue till the ‘Bangtan Birthday Party’ on June 13th.  Over the past few weeks, fans haven’t gotten a minute to breathe as the band also released their docu-series ‘Break the Silence’. This tracks their world tours and their experiences. Each episode has ensured a roller coaster of emotions as we get a peek into their dynamics, hardships and concepts behind some of their most stellar tracks.

BTS Drops Release Schedule For New Album, Comeback Trailer Details

For the boys, this is a big year. They dropped their stunning album, ‘Map of the Soul:7’, performed at the Grammys and will possibly embark on their fourth worldwide concert tour, ‘Map of the Soul Tour’, which was pushed due to the global coronavirus pandemic. So, as their anniversary comes around, we’re wishing them even more success. And hoping for even more lovely music to keep us going. 

By: Nina Karun