BTS Get A Good Look At Their Reflections In Teasers For ‘BE’

The headlines never seem to catch a break from BTS, but honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Over the past few weeks, the boys have been treating fans to hints on their upcoming album, “BE”. And over the weekend, they arrived with the first few concept teasers for this record. 

The first set of teasers to make their landing featured BTS walking past a mirror, glancing at their reflections, fixing themselves and moving on. This set was titled, “Reflection Ver.” and was later followed by “Mirror Ver.” which featured the mirror’s point of view. 

The second teaser saw the boys do ordinary things  as they checked their reflection: fix their hair, steady their hats and flash a smile. Not long after, BTS kicked off individual teasers for their members. So far, the first image to arrive features V, dressed in a warm cardigan and floral pants. The young star’s seen sitting in a small green-hued room, before a photograph of the sea and a set of violins hung up on the wall. 

The next visual of the star was a close-up, seeing him lounging against a deep red backdrop. BTS also put out a group teaser which was followed by handwritten postcards, in mid-October. Each postcard saw the boys ask ARMY an array of questions regarding what BTS means to them. They also prompted fans on how they manage to stay positive during day-to-day activities, despite the global crisis. 

“BE” is set to make its descent on November 20th with ‘Life Goes On’ serving as its title track. This will be the first album to see BTS heavily involved in every part of the creative process. This includes design, direction, conceptualization, production and more. 

By: Nina Karun