BTS Have laid Out Their 2020 Plans

Just a small request, can 2020 stop coming for us?

BigHit Entertainment – BTS’s agency – just released news of a comeback and we’re losing it. The K-Pop supergroup who have commendably made their way into the mainstream of Western Pop music, scoring Billboard rankings, AMA nominations and more, last released an album last year on the 12th of April, 2019.

The album, titled “Map of the Soul: Persona” marked the beginning of a new era in the BTS universe, giving way to hundreds of new fan theories. The album met with huge commercial success upon release, setting the record for the highest selling physical album of 2019, with close to 3.5 million copies sold.

Today morning, their agency revealed the date of the second installment of the “Map of the Soul” series, titled “Map of the Soul: 7”. The album is set to release on the 21st of February, 2020. Pre-orders will start on the 9th of January.

Their ARMY obviously went into a spiral, with fan theories about the number of songs, the tone of the project and more taking over Twitter trends for a few hours. According to speculation, the album will have close to 15-16 songs, including solos from the members, a trailer for the comeback, and possibly more physical versions than they have ever released before.

The group is also rumoured to be on the lineup of GRAMMY performers for the year. Their lack of a Grammy nomination in any of the musical categories this year riled fans up like never before, shining a spotlight on the narrow and exclusive nomination process that, to this day, fails to recognise the contributions of non-Western musical acts. Many fans went as far as calling their exclusion xenophobic and racist. So, naturally, their names on an (unofficial) list of 2020 GRAMMY performers have left their fans confused and weary. Any confirmation on that announcement is still pending.

2020 just began, and they’re already coming for our wigs. Can we please breathe?