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BTS Inspire Their Army To a Cause

Amidst the current state of panic and tension BTS fans are taking things cool! With most of Korea on a lock down many fans have started to pool in funds for K pop boy band, BTS’s mission to donate to the cause.

After cancellation of several concerts due to the pandemic the band vowed to donate toward Corona virus relief measures. They cancelled more than 14 shows in Seoul alone bringing down the spirits of many excited concert goers. Through social media the band assured their fans that this decision was for a public health reason and encouraged them to maintain hygiene and social distancing.

Around 20,000 fans were expected at Seoul , the first leg of their latest album , “Map of the Soul:7” tour. BTS was supposed to tour through 18 cities including L.A , London and Washington DC. These concerts cancellation is being debated due to the rapid spread of the virus. However their next concert in California on April 25 remains unchanged until the foreseeable future.

Previously fans had gathered with adequate protection for SUGA’s birthday. It was held at a cafe with hand sanitizers and occasional fever checks .SUGA is from one of the most hard hit sections of the country hence encouraging him to donate 100 million won to the relief measures. Following suit , around 11,000 members donated to the cause and some even paid off their ticket’s refund amount to the cause.

This shows the influence that Kpop has over the youth in Korea. If all bands and musicians champion causes like this we think the world would instantly be more united by music. Never underestimate the power of music!! This is an admirable step taken by BTS and we stan this.

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