BTS Is Launching Their Own Reality Show

BTS is doing everything, literally. Undoubtedly, they’re one from the biggest sensations of K-Pop industry. They’re not only releasing tracks which reach the top charts but now, they’re venturing into a reality show. What can these seven boys not do?

They had already given the ARMY a reason to look forward to the rest of the bizarre year. BTS announced that they will release their debut all English digital single in August and an entire album by the end of the year. This news, itself is super huge for the fans but that’s not all that they’re going to do.

The fans will get a huge bonus as these boys are releasing their new reality show, “In the SOOP BTS Ver”. The series will show you BTS going about their everyday life as well as what they do in their leisure time. The Korean word, ‘SOOP’ means forest which indicates that the boy band will be hanging out, doing fun activities in the woods.

The concept of the show highlights the activities which are “somewhere in between everyday life and leisure”. BTS will have a schedule to follow during the course of the show which lets them enjoy their hobbies. Each member will be sticking to their own plan of action of the day however they’ll be staying together as a group.

It gets better! BTS is not going to let the production stuff take over the show like your average reality shows instead they’ll be hosting it by themselves. “In the SOOP BTS Ver” will consist of one hour episodes, premiering from August 19, 2020 at 11 PM KST, airing only on Wednesdays via JTBC.

But, you know BTS, they are super generous, to say the least. An extended eighty minute episode will be available on BTS’s Weverse community. These 16 episodes will feature exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ clips and are made available for pre -sales on Weverse Shop from August 4th at 11AM KST.

Just when you thought, BTS would slow down a bit because maybe, you know, they must be getting tired from creating content, this bomb drops. Well, ARMY is super excited about this, they get to see their favourite boy band in their own elements.

By: Aatira Kakroo