BTS’ Jimin Will Release a Solo Documentary Film ‘Jimin’s Production Diary’ 

BTS’ Jimin is all set to launch his solo documentary film, ‘Jimin’s Production Diary,’ later this month. He will be the third member of the group to release a solo documentary, following in the footsteps of J-hope’s ‘J-hope In The Box’ and Suga’s ‘Road To D-Day.’ Jimin’s film will be exclusively available on Weverse, unlike his bandmates’ films, which were also accessible on Disney+.

Jimin, known for his heart-rushing performances and endearing personality, has been a vital part of the global sensation that is BTS. However, ‘Jimin’s Production Diary’ promises a look through the window for fans and curious onlookers to indulge in the life and creative process of the beloved artist. 

Image Courtesy: GQ

‘Jimin’s Production Diary’ will give us a glimpse into the making of Jimin’s debut solo album, ‘FACE,’ which was released in March. According to official sources, the film will offer viewers a closer look into Jimin as a person, shedding light on the candid emotions and thoughts that shaped his creative process while working on the album.

A teaser trailer released on 11th October shows Jimin passionately working on music in the studio. In a voiceover, he reflects, “It’s something that I shouldn’t think too simply. It became the opportunity to know what I should do more clearly. I can say that there are more things I want to do.”

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‘Jimin’s Production Diary’ is set to premiere on 23rd October on Weverse. In the lead-up to the release, a main trailer will drop on 13th October, and the film will be available for pre-order starting 14th October.  Additional content, including a lyric video, a quiz show and a special message for ARMY will also be released. 

While details about the documentary are still limited, expect to see footage from Jimin’s life on and off the stage. These glimpses into his life, his creative process, and his interactions with fellow BTS members will surely be a treat for fans eagerly waiting for more insights into his world. The solo project could provide a platform for Jimin to express himself in ways that might not be possible within the lines of a group dynamic. There will be a personal touch to the documentary. 

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Jimin’s ‘FACE’ received a glowing four-star review from several critics, with praise for his creative exploration and the raw, dark atmosphere of the album. Jimin also made history as the first South Korean solo artist to top the Billboard Hot 100 with the lead single ‘Like Crazy.’ The track reached the Top 10 on the Official UK Singles Chart, landing at Number Eight.

In other BTS news, Jungkook is gearing up for his solo debut. His album ‘Golden’ will be released on 3rd November, following the success of his recent singles ‘Seven’ and ‘3D.’ Moreover, he will hold his first solo concert in Seoul later in the same month.

-Britney Jones