BTS’ Jin Uploads Photo of Buzzed Haircut Ahead of Military Enlistment 

The South Korean boy band BTS has been the talk of the town amid news about their military enlistment, which will mean a hiatus for the band. Among many surprises (or shocks?) that BTS has in store for their fans, Jin recently posted a photo of his new buzzed cut ahead of the military enlistment.

Jin shared this selfie to the BTS’ fan community, which is known as WeVerse. His signature look with his long hair, which we have all previously seen in all their music videos is in the past now. He is now rocking his new look with the induction cut, which is what most of the country’s armed forces use. The induction cut with the super shot hair has been thoroughly praised by fans ever since it first surfaced on the internet.

Image Courtesy: News18

All recruits in South Korea must have this haircut prior to their military training at the beginning of their service. As per the laws, every able bodied man has to enlist in the army  and serve for at least 18 months with varying overall service time. The draft usually begins when they turn 18, and can be postponed up until they are 28, but for BTS, the Korean National Assembly passed a motion to postpone service until age 30. 

Image Courtesy: Pinkvilla

The respective management label BIGHIT MUSIC shared a notice to fans regarding the enlistment, stating that no official event will be held to mark the enlisting in the army. They informed the fans, “The entrance ceremony is a time to be observed by military personnel and their families only. In order to prevent any issues that might occur from crowding, we ask fans to please refrain from visiting the site.”

–Riya Sohini