BTS Makes Available a Remix of The Song ‘Yet to Come’


The British rock remix of BTS’ most recent title tune, ‘Yet to Come’ has been given a music video.

Image courtesy: Music Mundial

The new video has BTS singing the song live from a rooftop, intercut with scenes of young people playing soccer and spectators watching World Cup matches.

Check out the video below:

Image courtesy: Outlook India

The remixed version of ‘Yet to Come’ was created in collaboration with Hyundai as a component of the company’s ‘Goal of the Century’ marketing campaign for the forthcoming FIFA World Cup in 2022. Hyundai will introduce the #TeamCentury12 challenge on TikTok once the song is released, in order to promote the track’s message.

Next month, BTS will do a free live performance in Busan. The concert named ‘Yet to Come in Busan’, will be organized in support of the South Korean city’s bid to host the upcoming 2030 World Expo.

Image courtesy: NME

On 15th October, the Busan Asiad Main Stadium will host ‘Yet to Come in Busan.’ At the same time, a ‘live theatrical’ performance will take place in the outdoor parking lot of the Busan Port International Passenger Terminal.

Big Hit Music announced earlier this week that the next event will be livestreamed on the fan community platform, ‘Weverse’, in real time, free of charge, with choices to view the concert livestream either through Weverse’s mobile or smart TV apps.