BTS Promise A Retro Treat with ‘Dynamite’

BTS are on the brink of dropping their brand new all-English single, ‘Dynamite’ and yet, that hasn’t stopped them from flooding us with teasers. Over the past two weeks, the septet have kept fans on their toes with a slew of quirky, playful teaser images. And in order to keep the energy at an all-time high, the boys just put out a snippet of the track’s music video. 

From the sound of it, this tune is filled to the brim with retro goodness and pretty falsettos. In its essence, it appears to be lighthearted pop banger, with a gentle disco touch – but we’ll only know for sure after a nice long listen of the full length track. And thankfully, the wait is almost over. 

What Gems Will ‘Dynamite’ Bring Forth?

Now, coming to the visuals, the teaser opens with a shot of BTS in pastel colours against a cotton-candy sky. As the boys walk off screen, Park Jimin claims the centre, dazzling fans with his boyish charm and fluffy, bronze hairdo. We’re then given a solid taste of the choreography, before the boys strike poses from the classic disco heyday. The band’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment, further described the teaser in a brief statement, “The teaser shows a glimpse into the dynamic choreography and the upbeat disco vibe of ‘Dynamite’ that exudes energy and freshness.”

And yes, if you were wondering, the boys look just as charismatic as they did in the previous teaser of them posing behind a counter. Now, this tune will find a space on the band’s upcoming album, slated for release in the latter half of 2020. As they mentioned before, “Due to COVID-19, people around the world have been going through tough times and we wanted to share some positive energy with our fans.” And that’s the origin story behind ‘Dynamite’.

In other news, the first episode of “In The Soop BTS Ver.” is set to make its landing tomorrow. Just to jog your memory, this series will witness the boys in their element, enjoying everyday activities at a scenic lake house in the Gangwon province. The episodes will air every Thursday, from tomorrow until October 6th. 

And just as you’re soaking in the first episode, in a style characteristic of the band, BTS will arrive with another treat for fans to lap up: ‘Dynamite’ on Friday, August 21. 

By: Nina Karun