BTS Proves Their Power on the Cover of Vogue, Japan 

BTS Grace the cover of Vogue, Japan

BTS are back on the job of breaking the internet, and look at how they’re doing it. The seven member boy group were announced as the latest cover stars of Vogue, Japan and the revelation was enough to send ARMY into a frenzy. 

Add to that the reveal of the full spread, complete with pictures of each member decked up in the latest Prada collection, and you’ve got a recipe for worldwide trends and unending cooing.

In some cosmic manifestation of the “vogue” challenge online – a trend that saw people photoshopping themselves on a ‘Vogue’ template to create their very own cover, BTS look ready to claim their throne.

Translations of their interview with Vogue, Japan see BTS talking about everything from their hobbies to their larger dreams and aspirations. Of where they see themselves in the next 5 years, J-Hope says: “The world is changing so rapidly, five years seems so far away. I mean 10 years ago, who would’ve thought we couldn’t live without smartphones?”

Continuing in the same vein, RM, the leader of BTS said, “It would be nice if we can just keep on doing our activities, cheerfully, together. It’s a small wish, but that’s enough.” Ending the sentimental statement with a cheeky little wish, he said: “I’d be happy if we could receive a Grammy award this time.”

The tone of the Vogue spread builds BTS as an international music sensation. Exploring the sudden implosion of the boy group into the mainstream music market, they were asked: “Were there any “turning points” in your music?”.

Jin, the oldest of the band chose their 2016 hit, “FIRE”, dubbing it a “definitive song”. Of the release, he said: “Thanks to Fire, we were able to refresh our state of mind as BTS.”

Jimin, on the other hand picked the song ‘I Need U‘, saying: “Because of the song, it became an opportunity to think about the members who were part of the dream I envisioned”. 

Steering towards a lighter conversation, V, SUGA and Jungkook of BTS talked about their current hobbies. V assured fans that he’s been working on music, while also watching movies and listening to other artists. SUGA has been “trying many new things, recently, and working hard on studying a variety of fields”.

Jungkook on the other hand leaves us in suspense as he revealed: “I’ve been learning things that I wouldn’t have been able to do normally, again”. 

Please note that Jungkook’s Prada jacket sold out in 25 countries after he appeared on the cover wearing it. So, the next time someone asks you how much power BTS holds, you let them know. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan