BTS Reigns Supreme… Again!

The Korean music industry has scored another win with BTS being the very first K-Pop group to have spent a whole year on the Billboard 200 with their compilation album “Love Yourself ?: Answer”.

This is just another milestone achieved by the group, among many others. BTS “Love Yourself ? ‘Answer’” returns to the Billboard 200 this week, re-entering at No. 165 for its 52nd, non-consecutive week on the chart, making the album eligible for platinum certification as well. BTS currently have two albums on the Billboard 200, as their latest chart-topping EP, “Map of the Soul: Persona”, is at No. 149 this week for its 25th non-consecutive week on the chart.

The super group have constantly been breaking their own records on the Western charts since 2016 with their full-length album “Wings” spending two weeks on the Billboard 200 — a first for a K-pop artist, with their solo releases having made a significant mark on the Billboard charts, as well.

“Love Yourself ?: Answer” boasts 26 tracks – a compilation of new songs, fan-favorites from past releases “Love Yourself ?: Her” and “Love Yourself ?: Tear”, and solos from all seven members, in one concluding journey of BTS’ Love Yourself era.

The boys have now moved onto a new musical era with “Map Your Soul: Persona” and have already been breaking world records with their releases and star-studded collabs. Seems like ARMYs will always have their plates full!