BTS Releases their Summer Anthem “Butter”

BTS dropped their latest English-language single on Thursday, 21st May, amidst much anticipation from ARMY, their loyal fans. The band first teased their new summer anthem during the interview with “Rolling Stones” on 13th May and their label Big Hit Entertainment even described it as a song “that will melt its way into the hearts of all ARMY”. The song has definitely not disappointed us. With witty and fun lyrics it brings on classic summer vibes, making it the perfect music piece to dance to. It has a unique baseline with crisp synth sounds all brought together with a charm that will definitely “melt your heart in two”.

 “Butter” is the band’s second all-English song after their first English hit “Dynamite” in 2020. Unlike “Dynamite” however, this song has lesser symbolism and is more of a feel-good piece. There are some subtle allusions in the song to iconic pop stars of the century like the lyrics “Smooth like butter/ Like a criminal undercover” which seems to be a nod at Micheal Jackson, the king of pop himself, and his 1988 hit “Smooth Criminal”. 

BTS broke their own record for most views within 24 hours on youtube after “Butter” got 113 million views by midnight ET. Their first English single “Dynamite” broke the record last year with 101.1 million views, and now they broke it again with “Butter”. The song even hit No.1 on the U.S iTunes chart within just 2 hours. The band has a history of breaking 24-hour view records in the past. In 2019 they broke the record with 74.6 million views within the first day with the song “Boy With Luv” featuring Halsey.

The band performed the song live for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, 23rd May, where they were nominated in four categories and won in all four! It was a key moment for the band and they being as smooth as butter about it! 

– Supriti