BTS Stuns In One-Take Performance of ‘Dynamite’ on AGT

BTS stun in one take performance of 'Dynamite'

BTS are in world domination mode; well, maybe they never stopped. The South Korean mega group overtook trends on Twitter earlier today, and continue to do so with over 1.03 million tweets, following their return to the ‘America’s Got Talent’ (AGT) stage. 

Earlier this week, BTS were announced as guest performers on the famous American reality TV show. And, come today they stunned audiences worldwide with a one-take performance of their latest mega hit, ‘Dynamite’. ARMY stormed Twitter with praise for the boys, and were soon joined by viewers from all over the world.

Aside from the action-packed choreography, strong vocals and slick stylisation, the detailing of their colourful set caught people’s attention world over. Complete with retro motifs, elaborate sets and ‘AGT’ references, the ‘Dynamite’ set was an explosive one. 

And, their ‘AGT’ performance isn’t the only roaring success BTS have seen in the past week. Following the release of their first-ever all English single, ‘Dynamite’, the seven member group have been witness to a massive wave of commercial success.

‘Dynamite’ is a Roaring Success

Most recently they landed atop the Billboard Hot 100, scoring a two-week streak, marking their first ever #1 on the chart. Further, in the third week, they find themselves at No. 2, second to WAP. 

In addition, ‘Dynamite’ has managed to score the highest third week sales numbers for any musical act in 2020. With sales units equivalent to 136k in the third week, BTS has surpassed the biggest first week sales numbers of 2020 (‘WAP’, 125k). 

By: Ahalya Narayanan