BTS’ Suga Struggled With Anger Issues, Wanted to Quit Music

In the world of K-pop, BTS has been a phenomenon that’s taken the music industry by storm. But they didn’t become the global sensation they are today without their fair share of struggles, and it’s not just V who faced hardships during their early days. Suga, the talented rapper of the group, recently opened up about his emotional lows on his ‘Suchwita’ drinking show, shedding light on the hurdles he overcame.

During the show, Suga had a special guest, Kim Jong-wan, the lead singer of the Korean rock band ‘NELL’. Suga expressed his admiration for NELL’s lyricism, emphasizing how their music resonates with deep emotions, particularly sadness and depravity. Suga drew inspiration from NELL’s music because it reflected some of his feelings during his earlier years.

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“Whenever I listen to NELL’s music, there’s always a sense of sadness and depravity. All that is captured in the music. Of course, when I was young, I also had a lot of anger and rage, anger against the world and against the system, but as I made my mixtapes, a lot of those negative emotions got reduced,” Suga explained. He went on to reflect on how his music evolved, with people noting that his early rage mellowed as he advanced in his career.

Suga’s persistence and growth have led to him continuing his solo music endeavours. He released ‘D-DAY’ this year and ‘D-2’ in 2020. Kim Jong-wan collaborated with him on the track ‘Dear My Friend’ from ‘D-2.’ Jong-wan revealed how intimidating it was for him to record for Suga because Jungkook, another BTS member, had done the guide vocals. “It sounded so good! At first, I was like … ‘How do I sing this?'” Jong-wan admitted. Suga acknowledged Jungkook’s incredible vocal talent and how he brought a unique feel to the guide.

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BTS, the septet that includes RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jungkook and Jimin, celebrated their eighth anniversary in 2021, a rare milestone in the world of K-pop. Their journey to fame has been tumultuous, but they’ve remained grounded and humble despite their incredible success.

Suga shared some insights on his journey, explaining that his early mixtapes were fuelled by rage and his inferiority complex. However, as time passed, he realized that he couldn’t sustain that level of intensity. “I was someone who made rage and my inferiority complex into my weapons, but I think it was around 2018 when my self-destructive rage started to lose its effect.” He expressed that over the past eight years, he’s gained happiness from small things rather than material possessions.

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Jin, another BTS member, also opened up about his self-perception, admitting that he often felt like he was “nothing special.” He humbly acknowledged his doubts and downplayed his ‘Worldwide Handsome’ image, stating, “There are people more handsome than I am, and lots of people who sing and dance better than I do.” Despite his achievements, he continues to work hard to live up to the high expectations others have of him.

BTS has had its share of struggles, especially during the pandemic, as Jimin revealed. The hiatus from performing on stage and the lack of direct feedback from the audience left him feeling like everything was unreal and “like a rehearsal.”

Suga’s story, inspired by the emotions captured in NELL’s music, is a reminder that even the biggest stars face their internal struggles and uncertainties. Despite the challenges, BTS continues to shine in the world of music, and fans can’t wait to see what’s next for this talented group.

-Britney Jones