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BTS Just Dropped ‘Outro: Ego’

BTS have been quite busy over the past month, juggling interviews, a Grammy performance and of course, their next album, ‘Map of the Soul:7’!

In fact, they just dropped their second comeback trailer, titled ‘Outro:Ego’ and this one features the band’s sunny rapper, J-Hope. This track takes you on a trip down memory lane, where J-Hope opens up about his past hardships and how he’s still grateful for them as they’ve moulded his identity today.

The video took us all by surprise with its intro itself as we see the iconic ‘Big Hit Entertainment’ logo glitch before a string of old BTS music videos travel across the screen, bringing on a wave of nostalgia. And then there’s a burst of colour as J-Hope reminisces about his past, his art and style and his future with the band.

The song, much like the rapper himself, is a bright, summery pop tune with a beat drop that drags us straight onto the dance floor. And yet, the lyrics on the other hand are quite introspective,

Life not of j-hope but Jeong Ho-Seok flashes by/ It must have been full of regret with no hope till I die/ My dancing was chasing ghosts/ Blaming my dream, asking why I live and breathe

Seven years of anguish come out finally/ Oppressions all resolved/ Now I don’t care, it’s all/ Choices by my fate, so we’re here/ Look ahead, the way is shinin’/ Keep goin’ now

Interestingly enough, there’s a stark contrast between the first comeback trailer, Suga’s ‘SHADOW’ and this one. While ‘SHADOW’ explores the price that comes with fame and the struggle that comes with trying to stay true to oneself, despite the crippling pressure from every corner of the music industry; ‘Outro: Ego’ celebrates this life. After years of hard work, they’ve finally reached the top and J-Hope sees this as the light at the end of the tunnel. One he yearns to stand under, for as long as they can. The young rapper is clearly proud of how much the band has achieved and the fact that in a way, they’ve paved their own path.

It looks like, ‘Map of the Soul:7’ is going to reflect on their experience in the industry, their dilemma when it comes to fame and of course, what lies ahead of them.

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