BTS Teases New Single; Here’s What You Need to Know

It was just another Sunday – relaxed and laid back. Until of course, BTS revealed some big news, and subsequently broke the internet. The South Korean mega group is all set to make their comeback in music with their first ever all-English digital single. The members revealed the news on a surprise live interaction yesterday, and spilled the beans on what the single sounds like, the release date and more. 

BTS Teases New Single

BTS took to V Live to begin a surprise broadcast late last evening. While fans are used to the random interactions, nothing could prepare them for the news in store on yesterday’s episode. The broadcast began with members Jin, Jimin and Jungkook. And, as fans began to settle into the wholesome news of all the latest happening in the boys’ lives, the big reveal took place. 

In a first for the group, BTS made the official announcement of new music. Leader, RM, said that a brand new English language single will reach fans on the 21st of August. This release will mark the group’s first ever project in the single format. It will also be their first all English single as a group with no features. 

BTS Talks About Spreading Cheer

Following the release of their last Korean studio album, “Map of the Soul: 7”, the group met with unforeseen circumstances. As the coronavirus pandemic turned its worst head around the world, BTS were forced to halt all promotions. Their tour, set to be their biggest one yet, was also cancelled.

Further, the members talked about how difficult this turn of events has been for them as artists. Reassuring fans that their biggest motivation is reaching out with new music at the earliest, the announcement comes as a pleasant surprise. 

Following the reveal of the new single, a press statement from BTS read: “This is a new challenge for us as well. When we first heard and recorded the song, we were energised and our spirits were lifted up.” And, for those of you wondering, the new single isn’t all that’s coming our way. The group will release a brand new album in the later half of the year.

A New Album Awaits

A statement about the album read, “We’re preparing an album for the second half of this year, but decided to first release a single because we wanted to reach our fans as soon as possible. People around the world have been going through tough times and we wanted to share some positive energy with our fans.” About the single, SUGA went on to say that “it’s a really new trial for BTS.” 

Well, only time will tell what new music from this seven member group will bring. But, one thing you can be sure of is BTS will dominate the charts in signature style. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan