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BTS Will Celebrate 10 Years of Debut Album With New Release

BTS is all set to mark a significant milestone in their illustrious career. The seven-member group is gearing up to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their groundbreaking 2015 series, ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life,’ which is often referred to as ‘HYYH’ in its Korean title, ‘화양연화.’ This album series was an unforgettable turning point in BTS’ journey, and it played the main role in catapulting them to global stardom.

The ‘HYYH’ series was released in two parts, with the first installment debuting on 29th April 2015, and the second following suit on 30th November of the same year. In addition to these two parts, a reimagined and repackaged version named ‘The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever’ emerged on 2nd May 2016. These albums were more than just musical collections; they reflected the band’s growth as artists and a snapshot of their lives at the time.

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In a recent interview on Bloomberg Screentime, Bang, the CEO of HYBE Corporation (formerly known as Big Hit Entertainment), shared exciting news about the upcoming 10th anniversary album. He stressed the importance of this series, stating that it not only showcased BTS’ artistic evolution but was also the reason why the group became a global phenomenon. 

Bang also revealed an interesting tidbit about the promise he and the band made to each other during their early days to release a 10th-anniversary project. He said that even if BTS had not signed with HYBE, they would have gone ahead, albeit under a different label. Keeping this promise is of paramount importance to him, and this announcement is the first public confirmation of the much-anticipated 10th-anniversary project.

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The ‘HYYH’ series not only holds a special place in the hearts of the BTS members but also in the hearts of their devoted fanbase. This album marked their ascent to stadium-headlining and record-breaking status worldwide. With the group members currently fulfilling their mandatory military service, it’s expected that the 10th-anniversary album will arrive once they regroup in 2025.

As of now, Jin, J-hope and Suga have commenced their military service, while RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook have yet to enlist. Jungkook is gearing up to release his debut solo album, ‘Golden,’ on 3rd November, followed by his first solo concert later in the month. Jimin is also making waves with a solo documentary film titled ‘Jimin’s Production Diary,’ scheduled for release on Weverse on 23rd October. 

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The solo documentary offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Jungkook’s debut solo album, ‘FACE,’ which was launched in March. Furthermore, a vinyl edition of ‘FACE’ is in the works, with plans for release in December or January 2024. 

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