BTS World Domination Ensues: Reviewing ‘Dynamite’

BTS release new single, 'Dynamite'

South Korean mega group, BTS, have hopped back onto the music scene with a brand new single. This one is called ‘Dynamite’ and marks their first ever English-language single. Much like every other BTS comeback, this one has arrived amid much fanfare. But, this time around, the magnanimity is striking. 

BTS Challenges Themselves

The highly anticipated track, ‘Dynamite’, marks the first time that all members of BTS perform the track in English. Fans were sold on the idea from the get-go. And, as RM, leader of the group said in a statement prior to the release: “We haven’t changed as much as just taken on a new challenge for ourselves.” And, with this comeback, challenges are present on every front: meticulous choreography, a fast-paced arrangement of all-English vocals, and what is sure to be a demanding performance on live stages. 

‘Dynamite’ Offers an Air of Familiarity

‘Dynamite’ is the kind of retro, disco-pop groove reminiscent of a mid 2010s Bruno Mars track or Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’ era. Combining heavy bass lines with sparkly synth arrangements, the track is vastly different from anything BTS has ever done before. But, at the same time, remains a familiar sound in the commercial pop music landscape. In addition, the involvement of creative contributors like David Stewart and Jessica Agombar (who worked on ‘What A Man Gotta Do’ and ‘I Love You’s’), offers that much more context to the new sound from BTS. 

‘Dynamite’ was set up to be a mega success from the get-go. Not only does it mark BTS’ first comeback to music after the February release of “Map of the Soul: 7”, but also their first mass-appeal track in terms of language.

With the track, BTS takes a break from their signature evocativeness. This one isn’t about introspection or self-reflection accompanied by meticulous poetry and heavy symbolism. Lyrically, the track details previously heard scenes. The boys sing: “‘Cause I’m in the stars tonight/ So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight/ Shining through the city with a little funk and soul/ So I’ma light it up like dynamite.” 

‘Dynamite’ is Already Breaking Records

Further, BTS experiences a whole new tryst with record-breaking numbers. With ARMY’s undeniable dedication, the music video has already shattered YouTube records. Within less than 2 hours of its release, ‘Dynamite’ has amassed 20 million views, becoming the first music video in YouTube history to do so. And, with the group’s track record, these numbers are sure to skyrocket in an unprecedented fashion. 

Fun and letting loose is what BTS was looking for. And, with ‘Dynamite’, they’ve found it. The track offers a foot-tapping air of familiarity, finding its place among the many recent retro, disco-pop releases that have hit the pop music landscape. With all the fan support and its accessibility in terms of sound, the track will find a place on music charts and radio stations world wide. But, what you make of this new direction is entirely up to you.  

By: Ahalya Narayanan