Calvin Harris is a “Love Generator”

Calvin Harris Rests in Peace (& Love & Happiness)

Calvin Harris has made a grand entry in 2020, with a brand new EP just out. This one contains 2 tracks — ‘Peace Love Happiness’ and ‘Give Me Strength’.

It’s definitely something to look forward to if you are a fan of not just Calvin’s original music but also the fun he has with the edits. The EP released on most major music streaming sites contains a number of these edits and make for a great listening experience.

In a traditional (pre-Swift era, even) fashion Calvin brings us the magic of repetition on a track that can make you groove with the predictability it commands and the rhythm it creates. The track ‘Peace Love Happiness’ has all of this. It is a high tempo dance mix that repeats the title over and over.

And the second track — ‘Give Me Strength’ — is keeping with the 2020 fetish of looking up at the sky to seek inspiration for pop music (lol). This gospel-sounding church music track is everything it promises to be which is a way for Calvin to find strength.

Here’s hoping Calvin does indeed find strength to steer back to the music we know and love him for