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Calvin Harris Pays ‘Hard’ Tribute to Takeoff at Coachella, Offset Thanks Him!

Calvin Harris took to the stage at Coachella for his set, and honoured Takeoff, the late rapper who passed away last year. Offset, who was Takeoff’s cousin and band member, took notice of this and expressed his gratitude towards Harris. Fans got to hear Takeoff’s voice boom through the speakers during Harris’ festival performance. Harris had incorporated a verse into the set that Takeoff recorded before passing away. Calvin Harris lifted his part from the pair’s ‘Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1’ collaboration ‘Holiday’. He then fused it into ‘Slide’, which is another track from the same album.

Image Courtesy: BuzzFeed

Originally, ‘Slide’ featured Frank Ocean, Offset and Quavo. However, Harris’ augmented Coachella version brought all three members of Migos on the track for the first time ever. Harris also had a large portrait of Takeoff on the stage while the song played. 

“This so hard, man, thank you,” Offset said, showing gratitude to the DJ on his Instagram story.

Offset then went on to share a Takeoff tribute of his own by posting photos of his latest tattoo. The tattoo is an inked portrait of the late rapper on his back. 

“Love you 4L & after,” he captioned the photo of his tattoo.

Image Courtesy: Billboard

Offset also previewed a posthumous collaboration with Takeoff recently. He posted a minute-long snippet of the track on his Story. Takeoff and Vezzo can be heard exchanging bars in the sneak peek, before Offset drifts into his own solo moment.

– Riya Sohini

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