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Camila Cabello Might Be Dropping Her New Album Soon!

After the great success of Cabello’s debut album, Camila (2018), which topped the Billboard 200 chart, fans can’t help but, already look forward to Cabello’s next project ‘Romance’. She has finally completed her upcoming album, one she’s been working on during her tour of ‘Camila’. She wants to give the second album a “more mature progression,” and boy are we excited!

In an interview with MTV, she said her new album ‘Romance’ is all about what’s going on in her life, relationship-wise, everything. All of that stuff is going to factor into the whole theme of the album. Camila’s depth in what she knows musically is bigger this time. She could do whatever she wants and man are we curious about her new album. Here is a small time line during which each of Cabello’s songs were released from her brand new album, ‘Romance’.

Cabello teased the album on December 6th, 2018, after posting a muted video of her at a studio with the caption “CC2. ?”.

In June 2019, Camila posted a snippet of a song on her social media., that snippet was later revealed to be ‘Easy’. Another snippet was released later that month with regard to the same.

On August 7th 2019, Camila had a listening party with her fans at Epic Records.

On the 5th of September 2019, 2 singles for the album, ‘Shameless’ and ‘Liar’, were released.
On the same day, Camila confirmed that the album was called ‘Romance’ and that she knew that was the name for over a year.

On September 4th, 2019, the third single ‘Cry for Me’ was released.

And now all that’s left is for the album to drop and we just can’t wait!

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