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Camila Cabello, Snoop Dogg Encourage Voter Action

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In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, and the ongoing mass demonstrations part of the Black Lives Matter movement, musicians are encouraging voter action among their fans. 

Why voter action?

Local elections are in full swing in the US. While primary elections in West Virginia, Nevada, South Carolina and more took place on the 9th of June, other states wait in line. And as the local election processes continue to take place, musicians have begun to speak for voter action on all their public platforms. 

Musicians encouraging voting:

Taylor Swift, who was responsible for a huge swing in voter turnout in her home state, back in 2018, has been championing the cause of voter action ever since the unfortunate death of George Floyd two weeks ago. She even Tweeted at US President, Donald Trump directly, with the bold claim: “We will vote you out in November”. 

Joining hands:

While demonstrations and public outrage are an essential indicator of any socio-political movement, voter action is often heralded as the ultimate show of power. This holds especially true for the current scenario in the US, where many hold Trump and his Republican office responsible for creating an environment that facilitates racism, discrimination and injustice. 

Other performers like Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello have chosen to partner with HeadCount, an organisation that helps musicians register their fans and facilitate democratic voter action.

Rapper and entertainer, Snoop Dogg, revealed in a recent interview that he was going to vote this year for the first time in his life. He believes that voting is the best way to eradicate a system of injustice. He said: “I’ve never voted in my life, but I think this year I’ll vote because I can’t stand to see this punk in office one more year”.

Singer-songwriter, Selena Gomez, took to her Twitter, asking her followers if they voted. 

Voter action has been an important part of the current debate in politics, and has at last witnessed massive mobilisation from the entertainment world. As for the results, we’ll have to wait and see. 

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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