Cardi B Receives Her Grammy 2 Years Late 

cardi B

American rapper and part-time Instagram influencer (that’s an undeniable fact, by now), Cardi B, has finally received her physical Grammy Award for Best Rap Album 2 years after being announced the winner of the prestigious award. 

Cardi B won the golden trophy from the Recording Academy back in 2018. Her win for Best Rap Album marked a historic moment for female rappers at the time, as Cardi became the first solo female rapper to win a Grammy in that category. Her debut album ‘Invasion of Privacy‘ further went on to break the record for the longest charting rap album by a female rapper, charting for a total of 92 weeks. 

Cardi B took to her Instagram, sharing a story of the Grammy in her hands, explaining that the golden trophy had finally been delivered to the right address. The rapper can be seen unwrapping the package, finally revealing the golden gramophone, with an engraved plaque displaying her name and the category she won for. 

The award comes at a perfect time for Cardi B, almost as a recognition for all her campaigning around safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. She’s been one of the most vocal celebrities in these trying times of the global pandemic. Her rant about the dangers of the Coronavirus in the early days, even went on to get remixed into a Billboard charting track.