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Cardi B Slams Tim Young For His Claims About ‘WAP’

Cardi B might not always reply to unnecessary comments but when she does, she does it with a bang. The singer has shushed a comedian, Tim Young who claims that a school is more likely to teach kids the lyrics of ‘WAP’ than anything else.

Well, not just anything else, specifically, books of Dr. Seuss. So, Tim Young is basically trying to say that the schools will be more comfortable about teaching ‘WAP’ lyrics to racist imagery of Dr. Seuss’ books. And, that’s really ticked Cardi B off.

What Does Cardi B Have To Say About This?

Cardi B literally questioned the autencity of the tweet, asking Tim Young since when did the lyrics of ‘WAP’ is being taught in schools. And, also pointed out that the content of Dr. Seuss’ books is racist and how can he not tell the difference between the two. Solid!

Cardi B didn’t stop just at that! She even commented on how the publishers themselves banned his books and that it had nothing to do with the black community dictating them. However, we do believe the movement caused the change but she’s right.

Lastly, Cardi B went at the conservatives, claiming that one’s who are comparing ‘WAP’ to Dr. Seuss’ books just lack comprehension. We agree!

‘WAP’ is surely sensual and has explicit content, infact Cardi B chooses to keep her own daughter away from the track, itself. So, why would she even in Tim Young’s dreams be okay with his claims? Well, we love that she stood up for the right things. Go, B!

By: Aatira Kakroo

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