Charli XCX gets to the point over controversy

Charli XCX has been hosting meet-and-greets for fans during her tour in support of her new album “Charli”. Along the way, she’s faced some issues after being asked to pose with a fan’s mother’s ashes. Tweets featuring those photos went viral, and they’ve left a contingent of Charli’s fan base uncomfortable, enough for some articles to be written about the fan behaviour at Charli’s shows.

Charli addressed the recent meet-and-greet faux controversy in a new note on social media. “To fans who have rushed to my defense because of certain things that have happened at recent meet and greets – you are very sweet, but your concern is unwarranted,” she wrote. “I haven’t commented on the more recent, possibly controversial goings on at meet and greets because these moments are not the ones I take away from spending time with my fans.”

She continues later on: “I don’t think about the pictures or the objects I sign. I don’t feel obliged to do anything. Sometimes I decline certain things and sometimes I don’t think twice about things.”