Charlie Hickey & Phoebe Bridgers Is In ‘Ten Feet Tall’

‘Kyoto’ hit singer, Phoebe Bridgers has surprised and treated her fans to yet another appearance in a new song. Pasadena based singer, Charlie Hickey has Bridgers gracing his music video with her presence in ‘Ten Feet Tall’. The singer also backed Charlie with her crisp vocals in the new track. It is part of Hickey’s upcoming EP titled “Count the Stairs”, set to drop on 26th February.

A press release explains that Charlie Hickey and Phoebe Bridgers met after the former covered one of the latter’s songs at the age of 13. Bridgers was in high school at the time. She has previously sang backing vocals in ‘No Good at Lying’, Hickey’s October single. Marshall Vore, Bridgers’ collaborator and bandmate has produced and co-written both tracks.

The music video showcases Charlie Hickey and Phoebe Bridgers with the others skateboarding and riding scooters. Hickey sings “I thought I was 10 feet tall/thought I was above it all,” creating melody with Bridgers.

The Hickey-Bridgers Collab

In a statement, Charlie Hickey said “I was going to school at the time and was feeling quite alienated in this little world where everybody was instantly partying with their brand-new best friends and fun came so naturally. I found solace in Marshall’s studio on the weekends. This was our first proper attempt at writing together and we were writing something really horrible. We were both kind of delirious and Marshall started singing the verse melody for the song as a joke, making fun of what we had been trying to write. But when I heard it, I said to him, ‘Wait, that’s the song that we’ve been trying to write.’ After that, we wrote the rest that night and recorded it the next day,”

“We re-recorded it a few times before going back to what we did that day. I’ve never written or recorded a song like that since, and we weren’t sure it was even gonna come out but when I hear it back, it really serves as a time capsule of a very confusing/depressing but also very fruitful and fun time in my life!” Hickey continued.

‘Ten Feet Tall’ follows ‘No Good At Lying’ from Charlie Hickey’s album while in other news, Bridgers is all set to make an appearance on the Saturday Night Live as a musical guest, next month.

Count the Stairs Tracklist

1. No Good at Lying
2. Count the Stairs
3. Two Haunted Houses
4. Seeing Things
5. Ten Feet Tall
6. Notre Dame

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan